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We specialize in Salt-water/Reef aquarium installation, upgrade, design and maintenance. We offer no hassle and one-stop aquarium services, along with ** lifetime warranty on all our works. We believe in “Quality competition not price competition”. We offer only the best, appropriate and complete line of equipments in aquarium set-up, to avoid problems in the long runs; such as excessive algae growth and live-stock casualties.

Our services are available to commercial and residential sites. Lease to own aquariums are available to commercial sites upon negotiations. We are always proud of our works and we believe “Reputation” is the key to success. In fact, most of our new clients are referrals from our existing clients. References on existing aquariums are available by appointments. FREE first time on site estimates!

** life time warranty

As commitment to our customers, Reef Aqua provides warranties to:

  1. Live stocks (corals, fish, etc.) are warrantied when under suggested maintenance programs by ReefAqua.
  2. Craftsmanship, pumps, equipment, filtration systems etc. are also under warranty when approved, installed, and suggested maintenance programs by ReefAqua.
  3. In case of live stocks casualties and hardware failure in aquarium, ReefAqua provides warranties by replacing/exchanging at no extra costs to customers as long as under ReefAqua suggested maintenance programs.

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